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Azafran Deep Cleansing Clay Mask Review

Hi everyone. Today I'm reviewing my favourite(spoiler alert) clay mask I've ever tried. It's the Azafran Deep Cleansing Clay mask. Read the whole review to know why.


PRICE & QUANTITY- Rs 350 for 50g

This is a cleansing clay mask meaning it deep cleanses the dirt and grime from the skin from within the pores. The issue that arrives from most clay masks is that they leave the skin extremely dry and stretchy and for dry skinned people, they are a night mare. Is this their escape? Most definitely. It has a blend of soya butter and coconut oil which leaves the skin feeling extremely hydrated, while the kaolin clay flushes out all the dirt. And since this is from Azafran, it is definitely paraben free. Further, the ingredients upto 90% are of organic origin which include the five staple extracts Azafran very commonly uses, Bilberry extract, Sugar maple extract, Lemon extract, Orange extract, Sugar cane extract along with rose geranium …

How to use (Khadi) Kumkumadi oil (mini review) and its benefits

Hello everyone! A lot of skincare serums for anti-ageing are available in the market (and many of them do burn a hole in your pocket but anyway) but how do you trust their legitimacy? That's when you resort to Ayurveda. I'm referring to the multipurpose miracle oil for mature and dull skin. Women of any age can use this one. Women below thirty for reduction in acne scars and active acne reduction and above, for blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and overall brightening.

Kumkumadi oil is a blend of oils from 16 precious herbs, saffron being a major ingredient. It has been used since ancient times for reduction in acne, pigmentation spots, natural bleaching action of the skin, sun protection, moisturizing, wrinkles and many more. I used it and my mom used it and I must say, it works. When I say that, you do need prolonged use inorder to see visible results.

The Khadi Kumkumadi oil retails for Rs. 1275 for 12 ml of product but you will always find it on a good discount on…

DIY Face mask for dehydrated and dull skin

Hi everyone! Every once in a while it is good to pamper your skin and especially, if it's homemade what's better? In winters (or otherwise) your skin tends to get really dry and parched and ain't nobody got time for desert-like skin, correct? Here's a quick fix which is completely natural. Also, very good for ageing, mature skin since it instantly hydrates and quenches the thirst of your skin. Do not apply the mask daily, apply whenever your skin is feeling particularly dry or before a special occasion or you can inculcate this in your skincare routine by applying it at a minimum interval of 3 days. Personally, I use this every 15 days. Honey is rich in anti oxidants, besan has a lot of protein and thus, anti-ageing, tan removing, scar fading properties and milk cream, ofcourse, provides instant hydration to the skin.


1 tbsp Honey1/2 tbsp Milk cream (the layer that forms on the top of milk)1  tbsp besan or gram flour

Mix all of these briskly and make sure …

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss (The Matt) Review- 06 Soft Nude

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm a little under the weather since the climate in Mumbai seems to have a mind of its own. Coming to the sake of this post, today I'm reviewing the Essence XXXL matt effect gloss in the shade soft nude.

PRICE & QUANTITY- 4.5 ml for Rs. 279

The product comes in a cute packaging. The applicator is a regular doe-foot applicator which is flexible so it hugs your lips well. The lipgloss feels really comfortable on the lips, it is like a lip cream, gives a satin finish and doesn't dry down matte. I know it says the matt and longlasting but it's pretty much not. I staying power is very low and it wouldn't survive a meal, transfers a lot. The coverage is pretty opaque in one swipe and the pricing ultra affordable. The shade is a dusky rose-y nude colour and would suit a broad range of skin tones, though deep rich skin tones would want to stay away from this(but only if you're not into washing out nudes). Fragrance …

Anushka Sharma Wedding inspired Makeup

Hi everyone. Virushka wedding is the talk of the town and it indeed was setup out of a fairytale. So was everything about Anushka's look, be it the Sabyasachi pale pink lehenga or the uncut diamond jewellery. It was elegant, understated but did not fail to make a statement. But something that really caught my eye was her minimalist, nude makeup. She sported a nude lip, bronze-y and smoke-y eyes and a lit-from-within glow. I've drawn inspiration from the look and recreated something similar. Have a look.


1. Use a drop of kumkumadi oil to hydrate your skin, also kumkumadi oil gives a little sun protection and you cannot use SPF on the wedding day as it will cause flashback in flash photography. I primed my skin using a glow imparting primer, Oriflame the ONE Illuskin primer. 2. Her base was glowy yet skin-like. I used Milani Conceal+Perfect Foundation (this one's really good for bridal makeup, no spf, high coverage and skin-like finish) mixed in with a liquid highlighter, …

Azafran Daily 3-in-1 Moisturizer Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing the Azafran Daily 3-in-1 moisturizer. Azafran has easily become one of my favourite brands for skincare (skincare routine) because of their sizeable proportion of organic content and paraben/sulphate-free nature.

(Packaging has been revamped)

PRICE & QUANTITY- Rs 350 for 50 gms
MY VIEWS- Let's start with the consistency. It is slightly thick, when I say thick I don't mean balm-y. It is like a thick gel which feels like water on a skin but with a lot of extra hydration(pardon the paradox here, you know what I mean). It's a great moisturizer for dry and dull skin, especially if you're looking for something that doesn't look oily. Freshly applied on the face it gives a bright and fresh look to the skin which subsides after a while, but it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. It contains Sugarcane, Sugar Maple, Lemon, Orange and Bilberry Extracts as its main organic ingredients which constitute upto 70% of it…

Holy Grail Skincare routine of an Indian teenager (Paraben Free)

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about the skincare routine that has worked really well on my skin and I've been religious to it for over 2 years now. Just like any other teenager, the hormonal changes took a toll on my skin and my skin was rendered dull and acne ridden, not much but enough to cause worry to a teenager who just yesterday had clear and baby-like skin. I'm sure this routine works well for mature skin as well since my mom uses pretty much the same products, a few additions and subtractions but we will talk about that some other day! And oh, I've dry skin.

I'm really careful about the ingredients (to know more click here) and then I came across Azafran. Their company funda is From Farm to Face and I couldn't be more content. This is an organic brand and by what I've observed is around 70+ % of the product is absolutely organic which is great. Also, a complete ingredient list is mentioned which I've checked on EWG and turns out…