Azafran Deep Cleansing Clay Mask Review

Hi everyone. Today I'm reviewing my favourite(spoiler alert) clay mask I've ever tried. It's the Azafran Deep Cleansing Clay mask. Read the whole review to know why.

Azafran clay mask review


Azafran clay mask review

PRICE & QUANTITY- Rs 350 for 50g

This is a cleansing clay mask meaning it deep cleanses the dirt and grime from the skin from within the pores. The issue that arrives from most clay masks is that they leave the skin extremely dry and stretchy and for dry skinned people, they are a night mare. Is this their escape? Most definitely. It has a blend of soya butter and coconut oil which leaves the skin feeling extremely hydrated, while the kaolin clay flushes out all the dirt. And since this is from Azafran, it is definitely paraben free. Further, the ingredients upto 90% are of organic origin which include the five staple extracts Azafran very commonly uses, Bilberry extract, Sugar maple extract, Lemon extract, Orange extract, Sugar cane extract along with rose geranium water. The other binders and chemicals used are safe for usage as checked by me on the EWG website.(umm, what dis?)  It made my skin look very fresh ofcourse, owing to the removal to the removal of the dirt due to the pollutants and hydrated as well.It is thick in consistency like clay masks are and gray in colour when applied, when dry (after almost 15 minutes) it turns into a lighter gray, rinse off with cold water. Use twice a week for best results.

FINAL VERDICT- 10/10. Must have. Reasonable pricing for the quality of the product.


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