Skincare routine of an Indian teenager (Paraben Free) (Holy Grail)

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about the skincare routine that has worked really well on my skin and I've been religious to it for over 2 years now. Just like any other teenager, the hormonal changes took a toll on my skin and my skin was rendered dull and acne ridden, not much but enough to cause worry to a teenager who just yesterday had clear and baby-like skin. I'm sure this routine works well for mature skin as well since my mom uses pretty much the same products, a few additions and subtractions but we will talk about that some other day! And oh, I've dry skin.

I'm really careful about the ingredients (to know more click here) and then I came across Azafran. Their company funda is From Farm to Face and I couldn't be more content. This is an organic brand and by what I've observed is around 70+ % of the product is absolutely organic which is great. Also, a complete ingredient list is mentioned which I've checked on EWG and turns out it is amazing for the skin. My skin looks visibly brighter compared to what it used to a few years ago. Do let me know if you'd want me to add comparison pictures.

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I use their clear skin face wash in the morning, followed by the daily 3-in-1 moisturizer and the body butter for the body.This is my practical,three step routine for a daily purpose. 

The days I'm feeling extremely dry I use either the Avon Miracle Glow oil or the Biotique Bionectar Visibly Flawless Skin moisturizer. Twice/ thrice a week I scrub using the purifying face scrub (now known as everyday gentle face scrub), but never more. Once a week or two weeks I also apply masks, which is either the Azafran clay mask for the days i feel my pores are clogged or my DIY mask for an instant boost of hydration and glow (also very good for all skin types and mature skin). The days I head out I wear the Azafran sunscreen (for review click here), otherwise I prefer not to.

The reviews of the individual products will be up soon! And also the recipe of the DIY face mask.

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