How to use (Khadi) Kumkumadi oil (mini review) and its benefits

Hello everyone! A lot of skincare serums for anti-ageing are available in the market (and many of them do burn a hole in your pocket but anyway) but how do you trust their legitimacy? That's when you resort to Ayurveda. I'm referring to the multipurpose miracle oil for mature and dull skin. Women of any age can use this one. Women below thirty for reduction in acne scars and active acne reduction and above, for blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and overall brightening.

Kumkumadi oil is a blend of oils from 16 precious herbs, saffron being a major ingredient. It has been used since ancient times for reduction in acne, pigmentation spots, natural bleaching action of the skin, sun protection, moisturizing, wrinkles and many more. I used it and my mom used it and I must say, it works. When I say that, you do need prolonged use inorder to see visible results.

The Khadi Kumkumadi oil retails for Rs. 1275 for 12 ml of product but you will always find it on a good discount on Amazon or other places. I bought mine for rs. 760 off Amazon during a sale. It comes in a dropper type packaging with a matte glass bottle, which is the bets kind of packaging for a facial oil. It is light weight and very thin in consistency and transparent in colour.
I do recommend doing a patch test on your skin (apply it to a one inch section of your skin) and if you experience any burning or itching sensation, discontinue use.

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How to use:

1. As a night oil- 

Take a drop or two on your, rub between your fingers to warm it up. Then apply on your skin and massage it in before going to bed and rinse off in the morning for brighter skin.

2. For added sun protection- 

After applying your moisturizer and before applying your regular sunscreen, apply the oil on your face, just a drop, for moisturized, glowing skin which is extra sun protected.

3.For adding glow to your matte foundations-

Add a drop to your regular matte foundation and watch it transform to a give a beautiful dewy finish and it doesn't even cling on to dry patches. Do not add more than one drop of this one though.

4. To improvise your masks-

Into your readymade face packs or DIY masks add two or three drops of this ayurvedic recipe and give a boost to the benefits of the mask.

5. As a replacement to your moisturizer-

If you're a person who doesn't like or doesn't have the time for an elaborate skincare routine in the morning, replace your regular moisturizer on hurried days with this oil and stay moisturized all day long.


  1. I used kottakal kumkumadi tailam before. And it gave me a shoot of an array of fresh pimples, since then I stay away from oils for my face. Now, I use 100 times washed ghee :)

    1. Oh, it must've not suited your skin type. It is always advisable to do a patch test. Too bad it didn't work out for you but at least you found something that works for your skin!

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  3. These look great!! :) Thank you for sharing this..Check here for upto 70% off on KumKumadi Tailam


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